Personnel of the mission printing shop in Mangalore (with Brother Plebst).1851- 1869″

Way back in 1846, the Basel Mission started an Industrial school to train people in weaving, carpentry, clock making, etc., with the help of some local artisans. Since it did not fulfill the expectations of the Missionaries, it was given up. An Industrial Commission was appointed to look at the various Industrial opportunities. In 1848, two lay-Missionaries, Bosinger and Muller, were sent to South Kanara to teach some new trades. These lay-Missionaries were by

profession a carpenter and a blacksmith. But both of them had learned watch and clock making before they were sent to India. They tried watch and clock manufacturing in Mangalore. But their efforts failed before long. In 1854, watch and clock making was given up as it was found not suitable to the capacities and requirement of the people. The first important Industrial undertaking which met with success was printing press with book binding department attached to it. The printing press was started in 1841 at Mangalore.